Nutella «New Year's Eve Recipes»

2022 consumer marketing, digital
A special project for Nutella aimed at increasing sales during the New Year holidays and attracting a new audience to the category. Game mechanics in the format of a test, after passing which users received tips on holding the perfect holidays, helped to achieve high sales rates, as well as to involve about 1 million people in communication.

Nutella «New Year’s Eve Recipes»

  • +58% uplift to sales
  • 37 884 e-com purchases
  • 875 385 smm reach

he project combined two main channels: e-commerce and influence-marketing.
The launch of the first part took place with one of the largest Russian online stores Ozon, where game mechanics were organized in a test format. Ozon was chosen as a platform with a large number of active audiences relevant to the brand, and as one of the sales channels.
The main feature of the product is that it can be an ingredient for many types of breakfast and desserts. The recipes in the game were not only culinary, but also in the form of recommendations for a pleasant pastime. Where, of course, Nutella was an essential ingredient. All this made it possible to embody the global idea of the brand #nutellawithlove (with love Nutella).
On the main page of the project, the user was asked to answer how he would spend the holidays. Through three test scales, it was possible to choose the most suitable type of rest with Nutella. By clicking on the finish button, the user received the perfect recipe for the New Year holidays, as well as recommendations for relevant products with the ability to instantly add items to the cart. All participants also took part in the giveaway of New Year’s sweaters and received a promocode for the purchase, as if they follow promotion’s rules: share the results of the game in social networks.

The second part of the project was implemented with the help of five popular Instagram bloggers who shared recipes for the New Year holidays and told how to create a festive atmosphere with their own hands. Each of the bloggers was responsible for one of the main New Year’s activities: Christmas tree decorations, New Year’s costume, themed photography, DIY baking, watch party. In an accessible and native way, bloggers shared recipes in the feed and stories with a link to the competition, in a regular tone of voice to their audience.
The official Instagram account of the Nutella brand was also involved in the communication. The bloggers with the largest number of subscribers made video tutorials in which they talked about decorating the Christmas tree and holding a movie marathon. A competition among Instagram users for the best story about a New Year’s gift gave a chance to win a branded Nutella sweater for yourself or to deliver a gift to loved ones in any region of the Russian Federation.