WWF "Travel for Nature"

2022 creative, digital, for good
The popularity of domestic tourism is constantly growing; nature lovers are increasingly discovering untouched natural areas. Because of this, there are threats to local ecosystems. In our new project, we talk about responsible tourism and share useful travel tips.

WWF “Travel for Nature”

Our team, together with the World Wildlife Fund, decided to remind the audience about responsible tourism and developed the creative concept “Travel for Nature” by creating an exclusive animated video “Travel for Nature || Responsible Tourism Rules” with popular blogger Anny Magic.
The creative accompaniment idea for the Eco Debt Day 2022 campaign included a landing page with a “how to travel profitably” test and backgrounds for Zoom. The slogan of the campaign reveals the idea of transformation from simple to ecological tourism, because being a tourist is not only about relaxation and pleasant pastime, but also about responsibility.