Yandex Go «Petersburg awaits you»

2022 consumer marketing, creative, event marketing
«Yandex Go» presented clients in St. Petersburg an audio performance with a walk on the water.
«Petersburg Awaits You» is an unforgettable theatrical performance on boats inspired by the city and its people.

Yandex Go «Petersburg awaits you»

During one summer weekend, Yandex Go brought its users new experiences. From a special berth, designed as a theater scene, boats set off on an artistic journey through the historical center, and an audio performance based on urban legends told about St. Petersburg through the prism of human stories that took place on its streets and embankments.

Branded life-jackets and headphones were responsible for safety, comfort and immersion in the atmosphere of the northern capital, while theater binoculars and programs elegantly complemented the artistic surroundings of the event.

At the end of the journey, each participant received a compliment from Yandex Go: a «wish bracelet» — a thread in the brand’s color with a postcard with instructions for tying a sea knot. During the performance, the guest would tie the bracelet around his arm and make a wish that should come true when the bracelet breaks. The talisman complemented the romantic atmosphere of the walk and remained for the guest as a memory of unusual leisure.