BMW Excellence Club

2019 consumer marketing, digital, event marketing
Special offers, luxury brand workshops, supper parties, private screenings, priority service — all this can be enjoyed in the BMW Excellence Club exclusive privilege space that we have created for the brand’s customers. A closed community, access to which is provided only to owners of premium BMW GKL+ cars.

BMW Excellence Club

  • >4601 Number of participants
  • >80% Member retention rate
  • >5% Repurchase rate

We have created a complete loyalty program BMW Excellence Club, in which the brand offers more than just privileges — a unique experience. A special login system that excludes third-party users, communication with community members from the brand, as well as a program of exclusive events.

The constant organization of closed events reflects the strategy of MONEY CAN’T BUY EVENTS & EXPERIENCES, that is, events that cannot be experienced outside the club, even for money. When creating a closed community, our team focused on the luxury segment: owners of premium BMW car series who value a unique experience not only from driving, but also from life in general.

Moreover, we have created a special web-platform with a CRM system that unites online BMW owners (GKL+) into a closed community where exclusive approach to everything is appreciated and an inspiring experience is given. Our team also provides technical support for the site, regularly fills its sections with content, and maintains turnkey CRM.

Another element of the project was a virtual BMW Excellence Club membership card, which users can apply for in their personal account. After adding the card, the client receives push notifications about new events and special offers from the club.