Uber «#Ubernik»

2022 consumer marketing, creative, event marketing
The #ubernik New Year campaign for the Uber brand brought together cover musicians, bloggers and residents of St. Petersburg, Kazan and Krasnodar. In specially designed holiday motorhomes moving around three cities of Russia, everyone could make a trip, listen to a live concert on wheels and get memorable souvenirs.

Uber «#Ubernik»

  • 6 cover musicians
  • 1565 songs
  • 700 gueasts
  • 158 kilograms of tangerines

During the New Year holidays, a separate need arises — to find not only a place for celebration, but also new experiences within the city. From these two insights, project «Ride With Us 2022» was born, built around creating a unique experience for Uber users. In the service’s official app, they could tap on the «flatparty on wheels» icon, go to the landing page and take a ride with a live concert in a specially designed holiday motorhome. Thus, we have brought together cover musicians, bloggers and residents of three Russian cities during the holidays.
Combining the brand name and «kvartirnik» (Russian equivalent of a «flatparty»), we came up with the hashtag #ubernik. With the help of it, the clients of the service shared vivid photos and impressions in social networks.

Designs were also developed for both offline channels — motorhomes and stops located in the center of each host city, and online — special icons in the application and a landing page with the terms of participation. The materials were branded in blue to create a connection with the New Year holidays and break away from the brand’s usual black and white tones.
Application’s users were additionally notified about the conditions of the event and could easily find the motorhome on the map. At the end of the trip, each guest got memorable gifts: slippers and a sticker pack of photos made in the Polaroid style.