Kinder Bueno «Me-moments»

2021 creative, digital, smm
Throughout 2021, the topic of mental health has been particularly popular. Therefore, Kinder Bueno decided to support its consumers in taking care of themselves, and we, the DPG Russia team, helped him in this. We also faced the task of increasing brand awareness in social networks such as Instagram and VKontakte, as well as attracting a new audience.

Kinder Bueno «Me-moments»

  • >97% Increase content views monthly
  • >67% Increase monthly reach
  • >0,5% ER increase monthly
  • >17% Subscriber growth monthly

We developed a communication strategy, the key message of which sounded like «To please yourself is important.» The specificity of the content was based on creating an aesthetic frame for photos, using relevant motivational quotes, writing and publishing a series of stories about ways to please yourself, preparing a series of guidelines, checklists, and much more. We also ran creative contests and giveaways to incentivize UGC branded content, such as: «Gift a box of chocolate bars for your self-care photo.»

During the implementation of the project for a period of more than six months, our team also moderated the work with feedback from subscribers in comments and private messages. As a result of the work done, the communities on Instagram and VKontakte were activated and expanded their audience. Thus, the coverage for the month increased by an average of 67%, engagement by 0.5%, and content views by 97%.