New collection Kinder Joy — UglyDolls

2021 creative, digital, smm
Communication campaign for Kinder Joy in honor of the launch of a toys’ new collection based on the animated film UglyDolls. On the project landing page and on the brand’s social networks, we talked about gadget toys and characters popular among children so that parents can get to know them and better understand their children. Rendered Telegram stickers with slang phrases helped different generations to speak the same language more cheerfully and more clearly.

New collection Kinder Joy — UglyDolls

  • 47 813 Instagram Post Reach
  • 1 568 Reposts
  • 0,40% CTR for banners (VS 0.24% planned)
  • 95 284 Number of transitions

In honor of the new collection, colorful key visuals were prepared with charming and imperfect UglyDolls characters, which were used as advertising static and animated banners for placement in digital. We also organized support for the project in the social networks of the brand and on the official website.

The main idea of ​​the campaign was that parents strive to be on the same wavelength with their children. And we, together with the brand, decided to help different generations better understand each other. For example, posts on social networks and a landing page on the Kinder website talked about the functions of a certain toy, introduced the characters of the collection, and also motivated them to download a sticker pack in Telegram for communication.
When developing the sticker pack, we used slang relevant to small consumers: «Lois!», «Don’t be aggro», etc. Thus, the sticker pack does not lose its relevance even after the announcement of the new Kinder Joy collection.

On media banners, we demonstrated the situation of product consumption — the game of parents with children. The banner placed on the main page of Kinder led to the landing page of the Kinder Joy project — UglyDolls.
As a result, we exceeded the plan: CTR for banners was 0.40% instead of 0.24% planned, and the total coverage of posts on Instagram was about 50,000.