Kinder Surprise "Nicknames"

2021 creative, digital, smm
The "Nicknames" communication campaign is a special project for the Kinder’s idea "Who is your baby today?" The main focus of the project is the visualization of the idea in banners for media placements in digital (brand’s social networks and the official website). A series of images — illustrations of funny characters similar to the children's drawings. Each character illustrates a specific nickname.

Kinder Surprise “Nicknames”

In the developed series of Key Visuals, the most popular children’s nicknames were visualized — Teddy, a little Angel, Cookie and others. In these materials, characters are drawn in the child’s drawing style and are placed next to the nickname on the packaging, which can also be brought to life using the ApplayDu App. The project’s main idea is based on an insight from parenting experience: «At toddlerhood, children grow up and change especially quickly, discovering something interesting every day. This is how different nicknames appear». That’s why, the brand asked the parents: «Who is your baby today?» Actually, these stories are associated with minimalistic visuals and are featured on the official Kinder website.