Dodo Pizza 10th anniversary

2021 consumer marketing, creative, integrated marketing communications
Integrated marketing campaign, which key element is a landing page with an interactive map of Russia. 266 cities, for each was created a unique sticker, seem to accent at the main idea of the project — “Dodo Pizza celebrates 10 years together with its' clients, without whom nothing would have happened”. In honor of the anniversary, the brand gave stickers and promotional codes for orders, made creative statistics for each user, and also raffled off 10 000 pizzas, travel prizes and three trips to Russian cities.

Dodo Pizza 10th anniversary

  • 307 521 registations
  • 249 440 new clients
  • 58 487 reposts
  • 13 800 000 media outreach

The mechanics of the project focused on a special landing page available from the Dodo Pizza App and the official website. Through the banner on the main page, the user got into the territory of the anniversary with an interactive map with the «hidden» Russian cities as a key element. With each order, the client was presented with illustrations of 25 new Dodo-cities, which were opening the map. Each illustration showed the uniqueness of the city or its’ local heroes represented in a brand style.

Another part of the project was a personal users statistics for the entire history of orders and interesting facts. It also could be shared on social media. Within the project, an animated Russian cities video tour was created, where the main character in the form of pizza overcomes a path of 10 years with a brand. The project was supported by the main travel bloggers.