Yandex Go "Hype Delivery"

2021 consumer marketing, creative, sport marketing
Integration of the Yandex Go brand into the annual and iconic festival Quicksilver New Star Camp 2021 is not only a bright construction, but also a lounge zone and equipped place for equipment and organizing a transfer for snowboarders. All this has formed into a laconic concept "Hype Delivery" — a message that links with the nature of the event and brand’s character, moreover, is clearly understanding to the target audience.

Yandex Go “Hype Delivery”

«Hype Delivery» is an idea that links all Yandex Go brand activities into the fest. Among them: the parking zone for an equipment, charging stands and a resting place — sun loungers and hammocks. At 1600 meters Yandex Go demonstrated the performances of riders in a snow-park. Photo zones and the hashtag #ДоставкаДвижа invented by the agency’s team, were a reason for UGC and mentions in social media. Activations and a built-up lounge increased the use of the application’s services.

An additional feature, building up Yandex Go from other brands at the festival, there was organized a transfer on branded shuttles specially for the guests of the festival.